16 Way MDA Comfort Technology

16 Way MDA Comfort Technology

Permenda LTDWe will try to uncover what the 16 Way Comfort Technology of SizeGenetics is exactly via this article specially compiled for you.  You can actually use credible, medically tested devices like SizeGenetics with various comfort options. The device can actually be worn in 16 different ways, hence making it the best penis extender device around.

SizeGenetics leads the industry as far as comfort is the matter of concern No matter what the users shape, sensitivity and size is, you can easily wear this device all day without damaging or hurting your penis.

So what exactly is SizeGenetics 16 Way Comfort Technology?

When using a penis extender, one wants to make sure that the device does not damage, pinch or chaff the blood vessels. After all, what will be the use of investing in a device that you couldn’t wear? Keeping this in mind SizeGenetics has created the 16 way comfort system. The device combines a silicon noose, protection pad, comfort strap, latex head grip which is made up of fabric and the protech matt strap which has the non-slip feature. You can mix and wear these parts in various ways to ensure absolute support, comfort and protection for the penis.

How does 16 Way MDA technology work?

Permenda LTDBased on the size, angle and shape of your penis, the combination of the device is chosen. Consumers are supplied with various parts to experiment with for the most comfortable combination.

  • Silicon Noose: The noose attaches itself just below the penis head and provides a force that pushes the penis head upwards.
  • Comfort Strap: This is an alternative to the noose. The comfort strap wraps the device over the area of the penis instead of gripping the penis head.
  • Protection Pad: The protection pad brings in extra comfort because of the comfort strap and the silicone noose combined together along with extra bit of padding.
  • Latex Head Grip with Fabric Covering: If the noose or the strap rubs against your penis head then you can use the fabric covered head grip to protect the skin of your penis.
  • Protech Matt Strap with Non-slip feature: If the size of your penis is making your part slip out of the penis extender then wear a non-slip strap that will hold your penis in place.

The above listed ways are not the only means by which the device provides absolute comfort. The Multi Directional Angling (MDA) technology is incorporated into the device of SizeGenetics for cutting out any angling issues. So if you are even suffering with penile curvatures then you can safely add inches to your penis by comfortably using this penis extender.

Why was the 16 Way Comfort Technology formulated?

Studies prove that consumers have to wear a penis extender for at least 4-6 hours every day for at least a period of 6 months. This can actually become a very uncomfortable scenario as you wear the device day in and day out. Discomfort will definitely come amidst the results of the device and you will be reluctant to put it on. Therefore the 16 Way Comfort Technology of SizeGenetics lets you wear a penis extender, just the way you want to.


Permenda LTDThe 16 Way Comfort Technology of SizeGenetics removes the slightest risk of discomfort whether your penis is thick, angulated, sensitive to touch or even thin. The tailor made design of this device ensures long term satisfaction.
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