Jelq Technique

Jelqing & Jelq Technique – Penis Exercise For Size and Girth Gains

Jelqing is basically an exercise which is also at times referred to as milking. This exercise forces extra blood to flow through the penis, creating pressure which gives way to micro-tears within the penile structure.

The damage caused by jelqing is repaired almost overnight however overworking or constant jelqing can greatly reduce the effectiveness of this technique. The effects involve increase in the length and girth of the penis with time.

Free Penis HealthThe steps involved in this exercise involve the application of pressure by forming a ring with an OK style thumb positioned around the forefingers gripping the base of a partially erect and lubricated penis which leads to blood flow restriction.

By maintaining the grip you need to pull towards the top part of the penis. Once you have reached up to the glans, use the second hand to follow the same motion.

The process is repeatedly practiced in a milking motion and every stroke should fall within three seconds.

Once Jelqing is complete, it is important to relax the tissues of your penis with a warm wrap so as to minimize the chances for any kind of injury. Though Jelqing is really safe and simple, yet it takes some time for a beginner to practice and perfect the motions. Initially the penis needs to get a little accustomed with this kind of exercise. Later one can increase the intensity and duration of the exercise.

Level of Erection

This exercise has to be performed on a semi erect penis. Jelqing without an erect penis will not create the kind of pressure that is required for micro-tears to take place. Each stroke should start with low pressure and end with a much higher pressure. This will add to the girth of your penis which will look more of like a baseball bat.

A minimum erection of 40-50 percent is required for adding to the girth of the penis. While, on the other hand, lower erection will add to the length of the penis. If the erection is above 80 percent then jelqing should be avoided during the beginner stages.


Grip around the penis can be applied in various ways. However the most common way is to hold the penis in a standard OK position with your palms down.

It is not important that the thumb and finger should meet, what actually is important is that the blood should be trapped effectively. You can also apply a U (pinch grip) vertically around the penis for encouraging gain in girth. Dramatic results are not possible with jelqing however a patient yet repeated approach will bring about visible changes.

One should be careful while jelqing. The sensitive nerve bundle present in the top mid side of the glans should not be pressed too hard. Instead sideways pressure should be applied for safe results.

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