What are the causes of Peyronie’s Disease?

What are the causes of Peyronie’s Disease?

Can medications one of the main factors of Peyronie’s disease?

Beware of Dangers of Drugs

One of the common or few risk factors connected with the growth of Peyronie’s disease on taking certain drugs for long-term. These substances may belong to various classes, & is used to cure various disorders. On the other hand, the chances of developing Peyronie disease of these drugs is low & there is no proof that peyronie directly related to these resources. Where the role is still important.

Now you’re thinking which medicines may have a role in this disease?

A number of medications list that may cause the Peyronie’s disease, the possible side-effect after using long term. Mainly, of these types drugs belong to a class of heart medications, and blood pressure called beta-blockers. A beta-blocker is an eye drop preparation is used to cure glaucoma.

Additional drug that can be a factor for Peyronie’s disease is interferon for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, & phenytoin, anti-seizure medications. Chances of developing Peyronie’s disease from any of  disease drugs is very low. Patients should check with their physician before you discontinue taking any prescribed medications.

Main drugs that can be a factor for Peyronie’s disease as the side-effect.

  • Beta blockers
  • Cerebyx
  • Dilantin
  • Dilantin Kapseals
  • Glaucoma Eye Drops beta blockers
  • Interferon
  • Mesantoin
  • Peganone
  • Phenytek
  • Phenytoin

How can medicines lead to Peyronie’s disease?

There are many theories that make an attempt to give explanation how the consumption of a number of drugs or medications to prolong can lead to abnormal curvature of the penis, Peyronie’s disease. Scientists think one of these possibilities is that a certain medication or stuff could be the real factor of the disease.

Some medications, chemicals, toxins or substances could be fundamental causes of Peyronie’s disease. Side-effects of medications or vulnerability to toxins, chemicals & other substances can begin a symptom or condition. Therefore, the likely main causes Peyronie’s disease but is a lot of times overlooked or misdiagnosed as a cause.

Finally, you must remember that Peyronie’s disease doesn’t develop overnight, & isn’t an acute illness. Instead, a prolonged, chronic disorder that gradually, over time & can result from a number of causes, including injury   trauma, genetic history of PD, autoimmune factors, often as a side effect of certain medications as listed above.  If this is the case, appropriate consultation with a urologist or your surgeon is important to know what drug is actually causing the problem.

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